Sustainable & Energy Solutions

Scope construction has been involved with sustainability for over five years. Our innovative project deliveries, combined with our experience with U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) standards, allow us to offer value-added services to a variety of clients. We are committed to sustainable construction, implementing an integrated systems design approach whenever possible. Our project team is sensitive to how one system affects another and we strive to source materials in close proximity to the project site to reduce fossil fuel emissions, and their impact on the outdoor environment.

We are proud to have helped one of our satisfied clients, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, implement sustainable construction elements. Our team leveraged the glass design’s focus on natural light, reduced HVAC equipment needs, and created a superior indoor air quality environment.

We are also now in our fourth phase of restoring another high-profile facility, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House. A historical landmark that fell to a deplorable state, the Darwin Martin House is being renovated to stand as an icon of architectural prominence once again. As part of this project, we have installed geothermal heat pumps to heat and cool the entire campus, and have reused river-retrieved cypress logs to uphold the character of much of the woodwork. 
We have also implemented sustainable principles as part of our Buffalo Public Schools Reconstruction Program through a district-wide energy improvement initiative. As an outgrowth of our experience, Scope construction Solutions helps companies utilize sustainable construction in their daily operations.

We currently have several Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-accredited employees.