Executive Team

Scott Boos, President

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Scope President Scott Boos has over thirty years of professional experience in the construction industry. Prior to founding Scope Construction, he provided estimating and planning services in leadership and management roles with Suffolk Construction Company, Tomasso Brothers, and Ferguson Companies. Due to his dedication to service and quality, Scott has maintained numerous client relationships that have spanned decades.

He has extensive experience in many construction areas including historical and ADA projects, sports and entertainment complexes, and government facilities. He believes that every project needs personal supervision and a high level of communication among all of the stakeholders.

Scott received his Bachelor of Science in Building Construction and Contracting from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana.

John Tracey, III, Vice President of Operations

Phone: 860-832-8335, x105

John Tracey is known for his hands-on, partner-driven approach to projects, which has been cultivated in his decades of experience.

With a history of working on projects of all types and budgets, John is committed to the flawless coordination of each project he heads by garnering team buy-in from the start. John ensures that all team members are in agreement, roles and scopes are clearly established, and all responsibilities are met. Utilizing organizational, documentation and leadership skills, John is able to monitor and corral each aspect of project progress. Through his proactive observation, he is able to identify and report accurately on any potential budget and schedule variations and to quickly respond with proposed solutions. This thorough, professional practice results in fewer unforeseen circumstances and guarantees a smooth project.