Owner Representation

You're a busy property owner and can't be on site every day. Let the management team at Scope Construction provide sound oversight of your commercial construction project for you. From day one, we'll work closely with you to ensure that your vision for the project is fully realized. You'll be free from the day-to-day headaches of coordinating the construction work, but you'll be informed of every milestone and involved in every key decision.

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General Contracting / CM Services

You need it, Scope can build it. It's as simple as that. We've played a part in construction projects of all sizes—from simple ADA modifications to building and renovating municipal buildings and multi-million dollar education, office, and public safety projects. No matter what the budget, our attention to detail remains constant. We do a lot of business in the public sector, and therefore have an acute sensitivity to pricing. Our competencies in this area benefit our private construction clients as well, because we leverage our knowledge to keep your construction costs down.

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Design-Build Services

Scope Construction can be your one stop shop for your next construction project. Our design-build service takes care of all your needs, from concept to completion. We'll assemble a design team and work with them to create a structure that meets your business needs and budgetary constraints. No need to worry about juggling architects, builders, contractors, and your daily business demands. Let Scope Construction make your project a reality so you can concentrate on running your business.

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Accessibility Solutions

In today's world, buildings need to be accessible by every member of our society. This isn't often the case with historical buildings or projects constructed prior to the 1980s. Scope Construction can provide ADA accessibility modifications including elevators, ramps, and electric lifts. We have helped municipalities, sports stadiums, and office spaces become open and usable to all members of our population—all the while preserving the integrity of the existing architectural space.

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Estimating Services

Have an idea for a construction project but not sure if you can afford it? Let Scope Construction review your plans and come up with a realistic budget for your project, based off of current market conditions and predicted future commodity increases. We might also suggest better solutions that will allow you to accomplish more with less funding. We can also put together specification documents that you can use to put the project out to bid.

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